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A WorkLife FrameWork: It is Many Applications...

Posted on: Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 05:01 PM UT

One way that I answer people when they want to know more about A WorkLife FrameWork is to quote to them the product's tag line:

E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA'sBE3392038887_1.gif Reach...

And this really is the crux of much of it.

When I started to develop  A WorkLife FrameWork it was for my own purposes—I created various tools that I thought I could make use of, and which solved problems for me that extended my reach when using Mathematica.

In fact the reason why one loads the package using the command


is because the package originally started out as a tool for me to keep personal diaries with Mathematica.  And, so, the package file's name is bow to its historical origins.

As I continued to develop A WorkLife FrameWork it accrued many sub-applications, all surrounding the general theme of extending the reach of Mathematica.  

I imagine that I could market A WorkLife FrameWork as a set of differing applications and charge for each.  But this wouldn't serve my potential customers—and it wouldn't serve me or my style and philosophy.

Here is a very partial list of sub-applications that are in  A WorkLife FrameWork:

    A Journaling application

    A technical blogging application (which, of course, this blog is written from)

    Mathematica-native Database language and application

    An Email creation and tracking application

    A technical ToDos tracker

    An enhanced Mathematica notebook tagging application

    A project organization and management application

    A suite of specialized notebook editing tools (and also these links: one, one more,  another one, and another one)

    A tracking application for favorite and recently used files (Mathematica notebooks as well as files from other applications)

    An application for creating active laboratory notebooks

    ...and the list really does go on or quite a while....

But really this just scratches the surface.  Partly this is because all of these are connected within a single package environment.  And partly this is because the general approach that I have taken is to enable the user to work in as organized or non-linear a way as she or he wishes.

Even if you just view A WorkLife FrameWork as a suite of products, the list is pretty extensive.  And if you allow yourself to visualize the new way to work with Mathematica that A WorkLife FrameWork enables, it opens up a wide geography of possibilities.

I know (and yes I am biased), because I use it all the time...

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