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A Practical Matter: Restarting WorkLife

Posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 02:28 AM UT

There will be times when using Mathematica that you will want to kill (quit) the Kernel without completely restarting Mathematica. For example if you have a computation running that seems to have locked up your Mathematica session, and for which choosing the Evaluation »Abort Evaluation menu command has no effect, you can terminate the Kernel session (but still leave the Front End running) by using the Evaluation »Quit Kernel sub menu.

However, once you have done this, the new Mathematica Kernel that starts when you do your next evaluation does not know about A WorkLife FrameWork, since it has not yet been loaded in that Kernel.  But, the palettes that you had open during before you quit the Kernel make it seem as though A WorkLife FrameWork is available to you. But it is not, and if you try to use the palettes that left over, you will likely get a bunch of error messages.

So, what to do?

What to do.

The simplest approach is to just execute


in a fresh notebook.  This will load A WorkLife FrameWork and, in the process of doing so, A WorkLife FrameWork will detect the old palettes, close them, and open them in the configuration that they were last in.

Another approach is to open the LoadWorkLifeFrameWork palette that appears on Mathematica's Palettes menu.  This palette has a single button which, when clicked, will load A WorkLife FrameWork.  There is one caveat here—this is that the LoadWorkLifeFrameWork palette may appear behind the left over palettes from your previous Kernel session.  To solve this simply close these left over palettes by using their window's CloseBox.  (Note that I do mean the CloseBox and not the Palette's "Close" button—use of the latter will elicit error messages.)

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