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A WorkLife FrameWork is now compatible with version 6 of Mathematica

Posted on: Tuesday, May 29, 2007 at 01:33 AM UT

I have recently released two new versions of A WorkLife FrameWork, versions 1.2 and 2.0.  As I mentioned in earlier blog postings the two new versions are intended to give new functionality to users of mathematica 5.x (5.1 and 5.2) and to introduce a new version that is compatible with Mathematica 6 along with additional new features.  

A WorkLife FrameWork is possibly the first BE3389391233_1.gif party application that is compatible with Mathematica 6.  

With these two releases all future versions of  A WorkLife FrameWork will be Mathematica 6 compatible.  However, because of the significant differences between Mathematica 6 and earlier versions, it will not be possible for me to maintain two lines of compatibility as I have with these two new releases of  A WorkLife FrameWork.  However, as with the previous releases, upgrades of A WorkLife FrameWork from versions earlier than 2.0 to 2.0 are free.

It has taken a reasonable amount of work to bring A WorkLife FrameWork's 50000+ lines of code into a state where they are compatible with Mathematica 6.  But this sets the stage for future development of A WorkLife FrameWork into the arbitrary future.  And the number of possible extensions and additions to A WorkLife FrameWork with Mathematica 6's huge new array of user interface features are legion with the creative possibilities that are opened up.

In the course of creating version 2.0 of  A WorkLife FrameWork I was glad that I was able to uncover a number of bugs in the Alphas and Betas of Mathematica 6 that might otherwise have taken longer to come to the surface.  And the team at Wolfram Research was wonderful in quickly addressing the crucial bugs that I came upon.

Since A WorkLife FrameWork did about as much—in scope—with Mathematica 5.x as it could do with the fairly basic user interface elements (compared to those in Mathematica 6) along with the understory of Mathematica's notebooks themselves being Mathematica expressions ,  A WorkLife FrameWork's existence was a good sounding board (for me at least!) for how elements of the Mathematica FrontEnd used in earlier versions would behave under Mathematica 6.  And this, in turn, has given me many ideas for expanding the scope of A WorkLife FrameWork.

Given that A WorkLife FrameWork's goal is to extend your use of Mathematica beyond what you conventionally might have expected to use Mathematica for, and because the possibilities for continuing to do this are just endless, I have changed the tag line for the product to:

E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's Reach...

I think that this really makes sense. Because one of the things that A WorkLife FrameWork does is to allow Mathematica to be at the center of your work.  It doesn't remove all other tools from the suite of those that you might use. But you can easily access those tools from Mathematica—and access the pertinent files directly from your Diaries.

More to come...  The next post will be about non-linear work habits...

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