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December Discount

Posted on: Monday, December 10, 2007 at 04:26 AM UT

A WorkLife FrameWork:  E x t e n d i n g MATHEMATICA's Reach...

For the month of December I am offering a $25 discount on the price of a license to A WorkLife FrameWork.

Single User License Special Discount price: $125 (usually $150)

Academic, Student, or Retiree Special Discount price: $75: (usually $100)

To receive the discounted price please use the following URL:

Compatible with Mathematica 6.0, since its release, A WorkLife FrameWork is also compatible with Mathematica 5.2 and 5.1.

Mathematica is far more than a powerful environment for technical work and discovery. A WorkLife FrameWork extends Mathematica's reach so that it becomes the focal point for your larger creative work.

With the next release of A WorkLife FrameWork there will be a price increase.  However, upgrades to the new version will continue to be free for all license holders of this and earlier versions.

Download it at:

View Screen Casts at:

Read Testimonials at:

See Screen Shots at:

Read the Blog (created directly from A WorkLife FrameWork) at:

Email for any and all questions: info@scientificarts.com (I answer quickly!)

A fully functional 15 day trial password is available: please give it a try!

A WorkLife FrameWork is a broad, customizable, creative tool set tuned to the varied ways that practicing Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians work.

A WorkLife FrameWork exposes the potential of the Mathematica FrontEnd: it is the "desktop for Mathematica"

A sampling of its continually expanding repertoire includes the following.

** Palette- and dialog-oriented interface with 42 Palettes with a simple navigation system

** Create Journals/Diaries/Laboratory notebooks containing arbitrary technical and other content

** Create, organize, and track ToDos within Diaries

** Automatically perform computations on data that you have entered into notebooks

** Automatically create reports and extract content from material arbitrarily located within notebooks

** Create supporting applications with a Mathematica-native Database language with a simple GUI interface

** Blog from within Mathematica using its full graphical and technical typesetting capabilities

** Email from within Mathematica--keep emails with the work that is relevant to them and maintain notes for these emails

** Tag and extract information from Mathematica Notebooks in arbitrary ways

** Define and automatically open sets of files (notebooks, URLs, Documents in other applications)

** Backup your work with added commentary for Notebooks and Diaries

** Password Protect and Encrypt Notebooks and Diaries

** Read RSS feeds through Mathematica; search search engines from Mathematica

** Define reusable templates for complex Notebook entries and define templates for Diaries/Journals

** Palette driven access to all style sheets and Notebook styles including hidden styles

** Track favorite Notebooks, Diaries, and Packages

** Track cell execution: Save aspects of the state of a Mathematica session;

** Full functional access with 700+ new functions and parameters.

** And Very Much more...

*Scientific Arts, LLC is not affiliated with Wolfram Research Inc.; MATHEMATICA(R) a is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc.

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