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Michael Kelly, Associate Professor of Finance, Stuart Graduate School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology:

"WorkLife puts Mathematica and its powerful symbolic capabilities at the center of your working life, which is where it ought to be!"

Brian G. Higgins, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis:

"I have been using your WLF package for the past 5 months, and have found it to be an invaluable extension to Mathematica. What I like best about WLF is that I can now do my day to day tasks as a Professor without leaving the Mathematica environment. Let me give you some concrete examples.

"As part of my professional duties, I am the President of an international professional society. I am using WLF as a contact manager. I have set up a series of WorkLife diaries to keep track of all my activities with my executive board and our collaborating companies. My diaries keep a record of my to do lists, and all my critical contact information such as phone numbers, addresses and emails. Thus by reviewing my diary during the day while working on an unrelated Mathematica project, as I can readily manage all the outstanding tasks for the society and prepare the necessary follow-ups. In short I have found WLF an effective tool for multi-tasking!

"As a Professor of chemical engineering, I have found that WorkLife is perfect for managing my courses that I teach. What I have done is set up individual diaries for specific classes. In this way I am able to list questions students ask about homework and lectures (normally by email), and record my answers which I can then review for future class discussion. By linking my diaries to Mathematica notebooks containing my lecture notes, homework solutions etc., I have been able to develop an efficient method for tracking class material.

"I have also found a use for WorkLife diaries in my research. I use the diaries to record new research ideas, carry out preliminary computations for future publications, and track communications and references related to topics I am working on.

"I am sure sceptics may say that there are dedicated software solutions on the market for doing many of the tasks I have listed above. That is true, and I have tried out a few software packages over the years, especially contact managers and diaries. What I found frustrating is having to constantly switch between software XYZ and Mathematica to do a simple task. Your WorkLife package has simplified my life and made me more productive. I don't know how I would manage without your solution.      —Thank you"

Bob Webb: Starmist Ltd; initial reaction to installing and exploring A WorkLife FrameWork's trial license

Looks like you've implemented lots of things (and loads more) that I've meddled with for 20 minutes then gone back to older and more primitive devices. RCS [Revision Control System] without any effort, project history without searching through emails, helpful generality to allow the normal organization structure to be mashed without needing to start again... And you can get your hands dirty without needing tiresome script languages.

Another user's initial reaction to installing and exploring A WorkLife FrameWork's trial license

I am currently trying out A WorkLife FrameWork, and I suspect that it will save me a lot of time. It automates all of my currently used manual procedures for organising my web of Mathematica notebooks, and then goes 10 times further than that.

Another user's reaction to exploring A WorkLife FrameWork's trial license and then purchasing a copy

Almost a year ago I bumped to WorkLife but then it didn't raise my interest. However having tried it out now I like it very much.

...in the end I decided to buy your software. It's addictive :)

Yet another user's reaction after using A WorkLife FrameWork for several months

I am now totally convinced that I could not work efficiently without it.



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