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Documentation For A WorkLife FrameWork

The WorkLife FrameWork contains considerable on-line documentation accessible through the Mathematica Help Browser. (From each Palette you can go directly to the on-line documentation by clicking on the "?" button at the top o f the palette.)

The best way to read the documentation for A WorkLife FrameWork is to download and install the package. Then you can explore it directly in your Mathematica Help Browser. [Note that you do not need to have purchased a license for A WorkLife FrameWork in order to install it and read its documentation. You may also request a 15 day trial password using the form included in the download.]

You can also view HTML and PDF versions of the documentation from the following links:
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Palettes  (pdf) html (list)

ReadMeFirst (pdf) html
Starting Up (pdf) html
Introduction (pdf) html
Databases (pdf) html
Computations (pdf) html
Blogging (pdf) html
WorkFlows (pdf) html
Organizations (pdf) html
Functions (pdf) html

Note that, because of the limitations of html and pdf relative to the Mathematica Notebook format, these on-line versions may have some inaccuracies compared to the original material contained in A WorkLife FrameWork.


From each of the palettes in A WorkLife FrameWork the documentation for that palette is directly available by clicking on the ? button at the top right corner of the palette.


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