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A WorkLife FrameWork 3.0 Available>>

Compatible with Mathematica 5 and above

"I have been using your WorkLife package for the past 5 months, and have found it to be an invaluable extension to Mathematica..."

"...Your WorkLife package has simplified my life and made me more productive. I don't know how I would manage without your solution."
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  – Brian G. Higgins, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis

"WorkLife puts Mathematica and its powerful symbolic capabilities at the center of your working life, which is where it ought to be!"
  – Michael Kelly, Associate Professor of Finance, Stuart Graduate School of Business, Illinois Institute of Technology












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A WorkLife FrameWork

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1) Getting Started
2) Introduction to Diaries
3) Strategies
[a] Basic Organization
[b] Organizations
[c] FileSets
4) Computations
5) Databases
6) Formatting
7) Tagging
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Current Version: 3.0 br

"Looks like you've implemented lots of things (and loads more) that I've meddled with for 20 minutes then gone back to older and more primitive devices... " Read More>>
  Bob Webb: Starmist Ltd; initial reaction to installing and exploring a trial license for A WorkLife FrameWork

"I am currently trying out A WorkLife FrameWork, and I suspect that it will save me a lot of time. It automates all of my currently used manual procedures for organising my web of Mathematica notebooks, and then goes 10 times further than that." Read More>>
  – Another user's initial reaction to installing and exploring A WorkLife FrameWork's trial license


In addition to its FrontEnd button- and dialog-driven aspect, an extended set of A WorkLife FrameWork's functionality is accessible programmatically, making it broadly customizable and extendable.


Selected Features...

A WorkLife FrameWork is a set of creative tools that extend the reach of Mathematica, enabling you to take advantage of the huge scope of Mathematica.

A WorkLife FrameWork is independent of your field—and whether you are a beginning or an expert Mathematica user: provides a suite of tools to organize diverse aspects of your work supported by a simple but malleable paradigm, can create a Blog/on-line journal directly from Mathematica using Mathematica's graphical and typesetting capabilities, can automatically generating reports based on material embedded in Notebooks, has a range of tools for inserting and tracking data in notebooks and analyze it automatically, provides a Mathematica-native database language and simple GUI for creating personal database applications, can employ it as a technical management tool—whether for personal R&D or for Personnel and networking management...

...and a great deal more...

Explore it more through Screencasts and the complete on-line documentation.

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