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A WorkLife FrameWork Trial Version

There is no difference between the trial version and the licensed version of A WorkLife FrameWork except that the password for the trial version will only last for 15 days. The trial version is fully functional.

All of the Notebooks that you create with A WorkLife FrameWork are conventional Mathematica Notebooks.  If you do not have A WorkLife FrameWork installed in your system—or if you do have it installed but have not loaded it—all of the Notebooks (including Diaries which are specialized Notebooks) can be opened and accessed.  Some of the features within these Notebooks—particularly buttons and other active features that you have added and which depend on having A WorkLife FrameWork installed and loaded—will not function, but all cell contents and other material in your Notebook will be usable and can be accessed, edited, copied, and so on as usual.

Try A WorkLife FrameWork for free for 15 days
To try A WorkLife FrameWork, follow these directions :
Preferred Method
Download A WorkLife FrameWork
[Click here to download Version 2.0]
[Click here to download Version 3.0 Beta {30 day trial period}]
In Mathematica open and read the notebook ReadMeFirst.nb
In the first paragraph of the ReadMeFirst.nb notebook click on the "Trial Password Request Form" link to send a request for a trial password to Scientific Arts
Alternate Method
  Or... you may send email to Scientific Arts at including the value of your $MachineID. The value of your $MachineID can be found by executing directly


in a Mathematica session. The value in the resulting Output cell is your $MachineID. It generally has the form nnnn-nnnnn-nnnnn where the n's are integers (generally different from each other).
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