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Documentation Center Notes: This is a Mathematica notebook that gives you some information on how to prepare material for the Mathematica Documentation Center. In the upcoming version 3 of A WorkLife FrameWork there will be a suite of tools to acomplish a good deal more than what is descrbed in this notebook. However, the material in this notebook should allow you to do a great deal "by hand."

Every Document is an Expression: The Reach of Mathematica 6: This Mathematica notebook is the content of an article that I wrote for Mathematica in Education and Research, Volume 12, Number 3, 2007, 218-234. Here is the abstract from the article: "Mathematica 6 exposes a huge landscape of possibilities for automatic report generation, the creation and maintenance of documents with active content, and the development of document-oriented applications. In this brief review I touch on a few aspects of Mathematica 6 as a system for creating programmable, active, document-oriented applications."

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The Joy of Tagging: Manipulating and Mining Notebooks in Mathematica:
For the notebook of the talk that I gave at the 2008 International Mathematica User Conference... Get it here

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