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Posted on: Monday, October 19, 2009 at 09:14 PM UT  Notebook Version

I use  A WorkLife FrameWork  all the time I have Mathematica running. I am pretty much lost without it, but I designed it that way.  So one aspect of that is that it ends up being compatible with every release of Mathematica.  It was the first Mathematica application compatible with version 6.0.  And when Mathematica 7 was released it was compatible with it.

The current version of A WorkLife FrameWork  on the Scientific Arts website is 3.0β.  Why β?  Frankly it's because I keep on adding new things to the product and, because my "day job" takes up much of my time, I still need to bring all of the documentation up to date. That,  in fact, is one of the reasons why I posted the Documenting Screencast: just so users can get a detailed example of how to use that new functionality.

But I continue to add new things that either users have asked for, or that I need for my own work.  So, for example I have added the ability to add comments to blogs (comments are emailed directly to you so you can moderate them).

Another feature that has been added to the blogging tools is the ability to include arbitrary raw HTML code which will be inserted into the blog entry.  This is particularly useful if you want to include youtube videos in your posting like this:

Or you can include Google Maps

View Larger Map

Or you can include animations created from Mathematica and saved as, for example, a Flash video.  In fact, any particular HTML that you want to include in a blog posting (for example custom forms and JavaScript) can be added:

Another functionality that has been added to  A WorkLife FrameWork is an expansion of its emailing tools to allow direct email from Mathematica via Version 7's SendMail function.

And indeed there are dozens of changes since version 2.

In a way I find it hard to get this version out of β.  And I may just adopt a new model of continual updates rather than the more traditional naming of versions...

For the time being though I will stick to this nomenclature.  You can tell when your version was created by executing $WorkLifeFrameWorkBuildDate in your Mathematica session after loading the package:



Then just compare it to the date on the download link at the bottom of the Download Page.  If that version is newer, then just download it and install it (all of your settings will be preserved and you will not need to reenter your password).

As always, updates are free.  And if you do not have a license, you can try the product (fully functional) for 30 days.

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