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Radar Systems Toolbox

The Radar Systems Toolbox is the development name for an integrated suite of packages providing a large number of tools for analyzing radar systems. With it a broad range of analyses can be performed: from simple determinations of the values of key radar and environmental parameters, to sophisticated numerical, analytical, and graphical investigations into algorithms and system design tradeoffs.

As with all programs written in Mathematica, the Radar Systems Toolbox is fully extendable. Its design philosophy is that its functionality should not constrain the user. Thus, functions are provided that are both high and low level, and users will not be limited as their needs change and develop over time. And of course the full power of Mathematica's technical computation envorinment stands behind the package, allowing simultaneous numerical and analytical technical computing along with the creation of publication quality documentation and reporting in executable documents.

The links below point to web pages with some examples of the functions contained in each area. At the current time this documentation serves to show a portion of the package's capabilities. For readers without a working knowledge of Mathematica this will serve to give a sense of the current scope of the Radar Systems Toolbox: those who are already familiar with Mathematica will clearly see the plasticity and bredth of the Toolbox's design.

The final release of the Radar Systems Toolbox will contain extensive detailed documentation along with executable code that will serve as starting points for users' specific system analyses. As with all Mathematica packages, the documentation will be integrated into and accessible through Mathematica's on-line Help Browser--all code in the documentation will be in executable form.

The documentation for the Radar Systems Toolbox will also comprise a practical introduction to the programming methodologies and syntax of Mathematica; hence, it will serve as an invaluable pedagogical tool for quickly getting up and running with both the Radar Systems Toolbox and Mathematica.

Scientific Arts is looking for investment or partnership to bring the Radar Systems Toolbox to market. Non-exclusive royalty-free rights to the use of the Radar Systems Toolbox can be negotiated in return for suitable levels of support. Other potential contract terms will also be considered. Contact Scientific Arts directly for further discussion.

The Radar Systems Toolbox is the first in a series of detailed and highly useful packages aimed at the realistic needs of engineers, analysts, R&D departments, and managers. Follow-on products will include the Wireless Systems Toolbox and others.

Package Name

Brief Description



Antennas.m is a package that defines functions for antenna gain patterns as well as other properties. Modest Functionality: Continuing development


Common.m is a package containing functions for use across the various Radar packages as well as various utility functions. Significant Functionality: Continuing development


CrossSections.m is a package that provides analytical and numerical calculations for radar cross sections and related functions. Initial Functionality


Detection.m is a package that computes detection probability, false alarm
probability, detection threshold, and other quantities for various radar target fluctuation models."
Significant Functionality: Continuing development


PadeMethod.m is a package with code to generate Pade Approximants for the functions tl[q] that are needed for spherical earth diffraction calculations. Finished


Propagation.m is a package performs propagation calculations for Radar applications. It also supplies other propagation related functions. Significant Functionality: Continuing development


QFunction.m is a package that defines the Marcum generalized Q-function and some associated functions. Significant Functionality: Continuing development


RadarGeometry.m is a package that contains functions that give information about geometrical aspects of radar configurations. Significant Functionality: Continuing development


RadarGraphics.m provides graphical functions for the Radar package. Ongoing


RadarRangeEquation.m is a package with various forms of the radar range equation. Basic Functionality


StandardAtmospheres.m is a package that provides functions defining the US 1976 Standard Atmosphere and other Standard Atmospheres: both generalized atmospheres and ones that are summaries of localized data sets. Significant Functionality: Continuing development


TroposphericAttenuation.m is a package that provides tropospheric attenuation models due to Oxygen and H2O absorption, rain, particulates, etc. Significant Functionality: Continuing development

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