Scientific Arts


Scientific Arts is a consultancy in which I specialize in contract R&D, mathematical modeling, data analysis and visualization, instruction, and the communication of ideas in technology and the sciences.

Some of what I do:

  • Conventional consulting

  • Pre-college, college, and graduate students: Learning how to explore the world with Mathematica with a focus on working on projects in their areas of interest

    • Ideal for homeschoolers but also excellent for any student whether in a public or private school
    • Also for graduate students, focusing on their research specialties and other interests

  • Practical Mathematica instruction for "mature" researchers with a focus on pseudo-consulting: leading them thorough their project's computational tasks as a foil for coming up to speed with Mathematica and ultimately developing a set of tools and a workflow that directly serves their research.

  • Group instruction: contact me to discuss an approach tailored directly to your group's needs.



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