Scientific Arts

Some Areas of Consulting

  • Feasability analyses of technological and algorithmic ideas

  • R&D management and basic R&D

  • Mathematical modeling and system simulation

  • Contract R&D

  • Data visualization

  • Data exploration and analysis

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Algorithm development

  • Brainstorming, strategizing, and advising

  • Subspecialty in Mathematica consulting
  • Outreach and catalysis of relationships between and within non-profits, academia, industry, and government

  • Cross-disciplinary bridge building and liaisons

  • Fostering and enhancing relationships and networks—supporting fundraising and investment

  • Enhancing the broad reach of a scientific or technology area's ecology



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Legacy Mathematica Items. These are links to pages that I wrote nearly 15 years ago, dating back to Mathematica version 3. Though most of the examples are still valid, many have been superceeded by advances in the functionality of Mathematica in the interum.