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Radar System Analysis Toolbox

Do you need a flexible, extendable environment for analysis and development of radar systems and the associated algorithms?

Do you need a common extendable tool to be used across your organization for analysis, simulation, algorithm prototyping, and writing technical reports?

Do your system engineers need to compute design tradeoffs?

Do your sales engineers need calculators to answer sophisticated performance questions for your particular radar system while at meetings with your clients or sponsors?

Do you need to bring new staff up to speed quickly on the intricacies of the performance analysis of radars?

At Scientific Arts we are developing a large collection of Mathematica tools that perform the calculations essential in the analysis of the performance of radar systems. These functions have been organized into a Mathematica add-on packages that can be

  • Customized to a your particular needs
  • Used as a basis for system studies
  • Incorporated into a your legacy Mathematica code
  • Used as a unified enviornment for algorithm design
  • Used to launch you into the use of Mathematica in your organization

If you are in the business of analyzing, designing, and selling radar systems, contact Scientific Arts to find out more about how we can build you a Mathematica based radar analysis tool that is targeted to your specific project.

We build solutions to order that provide

  • Custom code
  • On line documentation
  • Examples
  • Follow-on support
  • Specific system analyses
  • Training for Mathematica in general and for the custom solution in particular

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For further information on our services send email to info@scientificarts.com .
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