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Teaching Experience

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  • Ph.D. advising and collaboration with graduate students as well as advising undergraduates.
    • Shared advisor duties for two Ph.D. students at University of Wisconsin (H. Dreiner and J. Lopez),
      Ph.D.'s awarded in 1989.
    • Shared advisor duties on masters thesis for Ph.D. student G. Huang at MIT,
      MS awarded in 1992.

  • A variety of both undergraduate and graduate courses over the years. This has included:
    • Introductory physics, winter and spring quarters 1986-7: University of Minnesota.
    • Modern physics (Special Relativity for physics majors), fall quarter 1986 : University of Minnesota.
    • Introductory physics, fall quarter 1985 : University of Minnesota.
    • Modern physics (for engineers), fall quarter 1984: University of Minnesota.
    • Graduate particle physics: spring quarter 1981: University of California at Santa Cruz.
    • Five years as a recitation instructor at CalTech including the teaching of special topics sections for advanced students.
    • In addition I have taught portions of courses on mathematical methods of physics, advanced quantum theory, field theory, electrodynamics, and others.

  • Projects with undergraduates:
    See the description under employment experience at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.