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ArrowExtended.m Package


ArrowExtended.m extends some of the functionality of Mathematica's Graphics`Arrow` package so that the HeadShape option can include Splines, Polygons with Splines, Plot, and ParametricPlot. In each case these may be multiplied by an arbitrary numerical scaling factor. Once you have loaded the package execute the function ArrowExtendedExamples[] to generate a notebook that contains some examples of its use.

Version 1.0



This package is "referral ware": if the package is of use to you then you are requested to suggest the services of Scientific Arts to friends and colleagues and to pass on potential contacts to Scientific Arts. In this case Scientific Arts provides you with a single non exclusive user license for this software in return for whatever help you can give in helping our business to succeed.

The ArrowExtended.m package was written with Mathematica version 4 and will work with version 4 or greater. However, it is likely that it will also work in Mathematica version 3.


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